Monday, June 4, 2012

Advances in Architectural Geometry 2012 - Paris

"Geometry lies at the core of the architectural design process. It is omnipresent, from the initial form-finding stages to the final construction. Modern geometric computing provides a variety of tools for the efficient design, analysis, and manufacturing of complex shapes. On the one hand this opens up new horizons for architecture. On the other hand, the architectural context also poses new problems to geometry. Around these problems the research area of architectural geometry is emerging. It is situated at the border of applied geometry and architecture.
Advances in Architectural Geometry / AAG is a symposium presenting theoretical works and practices linked to new geometrical development applicable to architecture. This symposium aims to gather the diverse components of the contemporary architectural tendencies which push the building envelope towards free form and respond to the multiple current design challenges with a renewed mathematical rigor. It involves architects, engineers, software designers and contractors. AAG has become a reference in the professional field and is supported by the direct participation of the most renowned architectural design and engineering offices along with academic laboratories."


solidworks support said...

I'm thinking of trying out Blender instead of the more pricey software for my architecture classes. Is Blender capable of doing many of the things that make formZ and autoCAD standards in architecture? In other words, how good is Blender for use in architecture?.

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