Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ball Nogues Studio - Materials & Applications 2005

"This vortex-shaped, temporary outdoor installation at Materials & Applications in Los Angeles warped the flow of space with a featherweight rendition of a celestial black hole. Hovering over M&A's courtyard, Maximilian's Schell was a spectacle the size of an apartment building constructed in tinted Mylar resembling stained glass. The piece functioned as a shade structure, swirling overhead for the entire summer of 2005. The interior of this immersive experimental installation created a beckoning outdoor room for social interaction and contemplation by changing the space, color, and sound of the M&A courtyard gallery. During the day as the sun passed overhead, the canopy cast colored fractal light patterns onto the ground. When standing in the center or "singularity" of the piece and gazing upward, the visitor could see only infinite sky. In the evening when viewed from the exterior, the vortex glowed warmly while both obscuring and allowing glimpses of the building behind it. The assembly paid homage to a character played by actor Maximilian Schell in Disney Studio's forgotten sci-fi adventure The Black Hole. Dr. Reinhardt is a visionary tyrant on a monomaniacal quest to harness the "power of the vortex" and possess "the great truth of the unknown."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"architecture of information : systems of aesthetics : physicality and virtuality
a blog about the emerging landscape of architectural
computation and its intersection with science
medicine and information theory "


"As the world most internationally diverse graduate design program, the drl continues to explore the possibilities of todays highly distributed, digital design networks and tools.
The drl is a 16-month post-professional course in architectural design, leading to a masters of architecture and urbanism degree."

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

IwamotoScott Architecture: Voussoir Cloud

"The SCI-Arc Gallery is pleased to present Voussoir Cloud, a site-specific installation by San Francisco based architecture and design practice IwamotoScott in collaboration with Buro Happold. Voussoir Cloud’s design explores the coupling of potentially conflicting constructional logics – the pure compression of a vault with an ultra-light sheet material. Opening August 8, this installation will be fabricated by IwamotoScott in association with SCI-Arc students."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Biennale Architecture di Venezia 2008

"11th International Architecture Exhibition
There are 782 registered participants – mostly from outside Italy (51%) – from 48 countries for the Everyville 2008 online competition, organised by the Venice Biennale on the occasion of the 11th International Architecture Exhibition.
The competition, curated by Aaron Betsky, in collaboration with Francesco Delogu, is aimed at university students of all disciplines in Italy and abroad. The closing date for entries was July 1st. The works will be selected by an international jury and the winning projects will be exhibited in the course of the 11th International Architecture Exhibition."

ARS Electronica Linz 2008

"a new cultural economy"