Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PanelingTools for Rhino 5.0 Beta: (Updated September 6, 2011)

"A new release of PanelingTools plugin is now available for Rhino 5.0 Beta.
You can find download links and documentation at PanelingTools download

New in this release:

Added mesh module support to paneling variable custom 3D components. It is
now possible to select a list of mesh modules or two meshes and calculate
mean modules.
Fixed a bad geometry bug when paneling surfaces with singularity.
Added support to generate mean curves with local bounding space.
Added the ability to define bounding space when creating variable mean
Added support for local bounding space for 3d variable modeling.
Added support to create notches in ptFinEdges and ptExtrudeEdges commands.
Fixed labeling objects UI bug.
Fixed crash bug when creating singular panels.
Fixed a bug related to applying variable patterns to diamond grids.
Added ptTriangulateFaces command.
Added GetPanelingGrid function to scripting to capture a paneling grid and
turn into two dimensional array of points."

Smart Geometry 2012 - Material Intensities

"Material Intensities

Imagine the design space of architecture was no longer at the scale of rooms, walls and atria, but that of cells, grains and vapour droplets. Rather than the flow of people, services, or construction schedules, the focus becomes the flow of light, vapour, molecular vibrations and growth schedules: design from the inside out.

The sg2012 challenge, Material Intensities, is intended to dissolve our notion of the built environment as inert constructions enclosing physically sealed spaces. Spaces and boundaries are abundant with vibration, fluctuating intensities, shifting gradients and flows. The materials that define them are in a continual state of becoming: a dance of energy and information."