Friday, March 27, 2009

mode lab I academic research

academic research and teaching I Product Architecture Lab

This repository serves as an index of the research and teaching currently underway at The Stevens Institute of Technology’s Product Architecture Lab.

While we are interested in iterative design processes, we believe the evolution and contextualization of these procedures within the broader ecology of the built world is both our primary objective and the means of embedding interest and significance into design.

Mode is Ronnie Parsons and Gil Akos.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Geometry in Architecture - Design Studio Fall 2008

From classical Greece to the medieval Gothic and Orient, Kepler to the Crystallographers to Coxeter, the language and knowledge of geometry has grown and developed giving a view into a fabulous world of pure order.

The expression of these ideal forms in the world as structure and ornament and ideally a synergy of the two has and continues to be an activity of architecture when it strives to transcend utilitarian purposes. Explorations included research, hand drawing, model making and computer drafting and modeling.

Tools developed and utilized to serve the expression and fabrication of geometric compositions included rhinoscripts, grasshopper definitions and CNC 3-axis mills and laser cutters.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rinus Roelofs

Rinus Roelofs was born in 1954. After studying Applied Mathemathics at the Technical University of Enschede, he took a degree from the Enschede Art Academy with a specialization in sculpture. His commissions come largely from municipalities, institutions and companies in the Netherlands, but his work has been exhibited further afield, including in Rome as part of the Escher Centennial celebrations in 1998.

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