Thursday, October 13, 2011

BLOCK Research Group

The Block Research Group is a scientific and educational platform around group head Prof. Dr. Philippe Block (ETH - Zurich).


"In eQUILIBRIUM, the design and analysis of structures are taught through interactive, graphic statics-based drawings created with GeoGebra rather than text and equations.

Graphic statics is a powerful method for the design and analysis of structures that, by using force polygons and simple geometric construction techniques, provides intuitive visual information about the relation between form and forces in a structural system."

RhinoVAULT - designing funicular form in Rhino

"RhinoVAULT is a plug-in for Rhinoceros® being developed at the BLOCK Research Group by Matthias Rippmann, Lorenz Lachauer and Philippe Block, that allows for the intuitive design of compression-only shapes, offering a maximum control of the geometry. This software is written particularly for shaping unreinforced masonry vaults, but can also be used for designing efficient freeform shells. Based on the Thrust Network Approach (TNA), which uses a force network as discretization of the shape, it is possible to internally redistribute forces within the network using force diagrams. This enables the user to generate exciting forms far beyond typical "hanging-net" morphologies."

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